about the SITE

The site is located at the southeast corner of Morrison Drive and Johnson Street, in the Upper Peninsula District of the City of Charleston. It is bounded immediately to the east by the US Hwy 17 bridge / ramp to the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, the Cooper River and adjacent wetlands. Additionally the site lies within the Old City District historic district and development is subject to review by the Board of Architectural Review (BAR).


A general description of the future use of the site (from the City of Charleston Land Use Regulations – Part 17 Upper Peninsula District) is as follows:

“Numerous studies and plans suggest the area of the Peninsula lying generally to the east of Interstate 26 and north of Huger Street (Upper Peninsula District) is well suited for greater density and increased building height due to its connectivity to major transportation routes such as I-26, Highway 17, Highway 52 and Highway 78, the expansive nature of its existing infrastructure and its relatively sparse population as compared to other areas of the Peninsula. The character of the Upper Peninsula District is distinct and different from other areas of the Peninsula in that there is not a predominance of historic buildings, thus presenting an opportunity for buildings to be sized and designed in a manner that incorporates architectural features characteristic to Charleston but which also take advantage of the geographic features of the area, as the potential for views of both the Ashley and Cooper Rivers exist. After receiving valuable input from various sectors of the public, including residents, neighborhood leaders, area businesses and nonprofit groups, preservation organizations, developers, real estate professionals, designers and green building experts, City Council finds it to be in the public interest that this area of the Peninsula be developed in a manner that reflects the built environment, makes advantageous use of technology to protect the natural environment and which provides opportunities for diverse housing and commercial activities.”